• Your financial well being is our top priority!

    • The costs associated with freight factoring are actually very minimal when compared with other options.  Included in the cost of factoring and a major benefit for you the carrier are the monthly credit checks on your established shippers/brokers to ensure that they are still are credit worthy. A credit check will be run on all prospective shippers/brokers (done in a matter of seconds) before you accept the load thus preventing the opportunity for nonpayment.  

      For Rush Service, the following are available with an added fee.
      • Comcheck
      • Fed Ex
      • Next Day Air
      • Bank Wires

    • An example associated with the cost of factoring would be the following:

      Invoice Amount                             $1,000.00

      Factoring Fee                 x 4.50%  -$    45.00

      Reserve Fee                   x 0%       -$      0.00  

      Invoice Fee                                   -$      1.50

      Net Payment                                =$  953.50