• What are people saying about Legacy Financial Services?

    • The greatest compliment we as a freight factoring company can receive is when someone likes the service they’ve received and recommends us to their friends, relatives or coworkers.

      Brian Novacek, Owner

    • “With high fuel prices, high insurance and other high expenses, Legacy Financial Services has given me the financial freedom to not worry so much about when my next check will be coming in.  Having that luxury and being able to focus more on my business has allowed me to gain other competitive advantages that I did not have before I factored with them.”    

      Craig N.  Slumber Express

    • “They are easy people to deal with.  I would recommend them to everyone.  They saved me A LOT of money when they did a credit check on a broker I wanted to take a load with.  Turns out they had a horrible credit history; I would not have been able to wait the 90+ days to be paid.”   

      Steve S.  S&S Trucking

    • “I never saw myself factoring until recently when expenses started to get high and checks were not coming in like they should.  I did a lot of research and ran across Legacy Financial Services website and liked what I read about them.  I called them and signed up that day.  Ever since we have signed on money has not been an issue.”   

      Dustin B.  Eastbound Logistics

    • “Legacy Financial has a very easy and personable team to work with.  Their vast knowledge in transportation has allowed me to focus more on my driving and they get my money to me quickly.  I have recommended many of my trucker buddies that need help also.  That’s probably the best compliment I can give a company.”

      Ricky D.  Bonfire Trucking

    • “I really like it that I can choose to factor just one of my accounts or all of them.   Legacy Financial Services looks out for my financial well being.  I would recommend them to everyone.”    

      Brenda D.  Double Diamond Trucking